Ceased to Be

Documentary / 2018
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  • TV Promo
  • Producers: Saar Yogev, Naomi Levari, Alona Refua
    Director & Writer: Idit Ben Shimol
    Supported by: Gesher Film Fund
    Broadcaster: KAN – Israeli Broadcast Corp.


  • Idit’s uncle died when he was a baby. 60 years after his presumed death, Idit is determined to find his place of burial.

    Her naïve search exposes a series of children disappearances and turns into a restless investigation into an allegedly organized and well-orchestrated kidnapping that took place during the early years of Israel’s establishment.

  • Idit Ben Shimol

    Graduate of Hadassa Collage, Jerusalem. An experienced editor responsible for documentary films, news, TV shows and others. Ceased to Be is her first film as director.