In a Heartbeat

TV Series
  • Production Info
  • Synopsis
  • The Writers
  • Writers: Shani Melamed-Nitzan, Gaya Wildman
    Development: KAN Israeli broadcasting corporation
    Presented at: CoPro Series, Berlin Film Festival 2018

  • Coming soon!

  • Shani Melamed Nitzan is a well established television writer and creator of numerous successful TV projects, including the critically acclaimed youth drama *ALIFIM* which won best youth drama by the Israeli academy. In 2016 Shani co-created and was head writer of the original comedy *LITTLE MONSTERS*, which premiered on Israeli prime time broadcast television channel 2 and was nominated for an Israel Academy Award for best comedy.

    Gaya Wildman has written and directed for numerous Israeli Academy award-winning TV series, among them, *LIFE ISN’T EVERYTHING*,  *FIXED GAME*, *SPLIT*, *YATZPAN*,  and the Israeli remake of *EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND*. Gaya has also worked in theater, writing and directing the award winning play *TRAGEDY IN 18 MINUTES*, among others.

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