Life isn’t Everything

TV Series / 2011
  • Cast
  • Crew
  • Gallery
  • Producers: Saar Yogev & Naomi Levari
    Creator & Show Runner Daniel Lappin
    Director: Adi Binyaminov
    Writers: Haim Idisis, Gaya Wildman, Ofer Knispel
    Season: 9
    Commissioned by: Reshet, Channel 2
    Running Time: 24 episoeds, 24 miniuts each

  • Gadi is 44 years old and writes for a low budget TV talk show hosted by a sleazy comedian. Dafna is his  academic wife. Mickey is Gadi’s writing partner and friend. He’s 34 years old and still has artistic aspirations.
    He is married to Orly, of whom he is terrified. Gadi’s parents also make frequent appearances  and try Gadi’s soul along with everybody else. In short, a portrait of a modern day malcontent whose mental stability is put to the test on a daily basis.  Life isn’t Everything has aired 124 episodes and was declared “Israel’s most successful sitcom of all times”.


  • Daniel Lappin

    Script and play writer and director. Lappin has created several TV shows, including Life isn’t Everything, the most successful Israeli sitcom of all times, that had 150 episodes. Lappin was the director of You Can’t Choose Your Family, the Israeli version of Everybody Loves Raymond. As a writer, he worked with some of Israel’s most known comedians.

  • Gadi: Avi Kushnir            Dafna: Anat Waxman
    Miki: Idan Alterman       Orly: Yael Levental
    Benny: Moti Katz            Meir: Shlomo Vishinsky
    Batya: Nurit Cohen         Noa: Abigail Lappin

  • Cinematographers: Avner Tzur,Benny Ventura, Shlomi Namtaib, Roni roni Itzhayek
    Editing: Boaz Rosenfeld, Israel Goldwasser
    Line Producer: Zachi Cohen
    Production Design: Boaz Katzenelson
    Casting: Hila Yuval
    1st AD: Orly Raz
    Sound Recordist: Arie Ben Weiss
    Gaffer: Itzik Ben Yair
    Post Production: Yair Nevo

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