TV Series / 2015
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  • Producers: Saar Yogev & Naomi Levari
    Showrunner: Daniel Lappin
    Writers: Daniel Lappin, Gaya Wildman, Haim Idisis
    Director: Daniel Lappin
    Commissioned by: Reshet – Channel 2, Israel
    Running Time: 13 Episodes, 24 minutes each

  • Four childhood friends in their early 40’s find themselves kicked out of long-term relationships on the same day and discover that they are more lost than they are willing to admit.  The burnt-out Ariel, Nadav, Rani and Pini begin to spend more and more time together, keeping them in a some what childish state. We follow them through the hardships and adventures of reinventing themselves.

  • Daniel Lappin

    Script writer, play writer, director and show runner. Lappin has created several TV shows including Life Isn’t Everything, the most successful Israeli sitcom of all times with 150 episodes. Lappin also adapted and directed You Can’t Choose Your Family, the Israeli version of Everybody Loves Raymond.
    Split, a new comedy Lappin created and directed, will air October 2015.

  • Ariel: Yossi Marshak              Rani: Kobi Mymon
    Nadav: Ron Shachar              Shmulik: Pini Kidron
    Rona: Efrat Boimold              Osnat: Ayelet Robinson
    Shiri: Nina Kotler                    Hila: Shiri Gadni
    Nina: Shira Katzenelenbogen

    Guest Appearances by: Moni Moshonov, Miki Kam, Arie Tcherner,Yehoyachin Friedlander

  • Director of Photography: Ram Shwakey
    Production Designer: Tzachi Ronen
    Editor: Boaz Rosenfeld
    Line Producer: Zachi Cohen
    Set Dresser: Nir Alba
    Sound recordist: Ravid Dvir
    1st AD: Orly Raz
    Gaffer: Itzik Ben Yair
    Post Production: Doron Suliman

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