You Cant Choose Your Family

TV Series / 2012
  • Cast
  • Crew
  • Gallery
  • Producers: Reshet, Saar Yogev & Naomi Levari
    Directors & Writers (Adaptation): Daniel Lapin & Gaya Wildman
    Based on the Original Series: Everybody Loves Raymond
    Original series Created By: Phil Rosenthal
    Runing Time: 13 Episodes, 24 min. each
    Format Holder: SONY Television

  • The Israeli adaptation of the successful sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  Yuval, Noa and their three kids live directly across the street from Yuval’s meddling parents who manage to infiltrate their son’s home to an unparalleled extent. Pini, Yuval’s brother, does the same, which makes Yuval and Noa dream about the day that someone will knock before entering.

  • Phil Rosenthal
    An American television writer and producer who is best known as the creator, writer and executive producer for the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.
    He graduated from Hofstra University, where he majored in theater, he embarked on a career as an actor. Rosenthal’s early writing credits include the series Down the Shore and Coach. In 1995, He created the hit CBS comedy, Everybody Loves Raymond, which ended in 2005.  Everybody Loves Raymond was nominated for over 70 Emmy awards, and won 15 awards, including two for Best Comedy Series in 2003 & 2005.


  • YuvalYuval Yanai
    Noa:  Noa Koller
    Rozina: Rozina Kambus
    Shlomo: Shlomo Baraba
    Pini: Pini Kidron
    Uri: Uri Manor
    The twins: Martin & Paul Gugosian
    Guest Appearances by: Efrat Boimold, Shmulik Levy, Amnon Wolf, Gilat Ankori, Yaakov Bodo

  • Production Designer: Arad Sawat
    Line Producer:  Raz Tuchband
    Pre-Production DOP: Giora Bich
    Editor: Boaz Rosenfeld
    Key Grip: Itzik Ben Yair
    Sound Recordist:
    Ravid Dvir
    Casting Director: Esther Kling

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