You can buy Modafinil tablets online quickly and discreetly in 100mg and 200mg doses

The cost of Modafinil 100 mg pills in pharmacies may vary significantly. So, where to buy Modafinil tablets at a cost that can satisfy the most clients? Listed online pharmacies are for people who look for the lowest prices possible.

HaGalil Pharmacy
Address: Ben Yehuda St 80, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6343314, Israel | Phone: +972 3-522-3358 | Website:

Worst pharmacy ever. Staff will not serve you when it is close to closing time. My medications were ready, and she told me to pull to lane two. I saw the medications in her hand, but she didn’t apply for my insurance when she did, she then told me the register was now closed, and I had to come back tomorrow! Poor poor customer service they don’t care about their customers at all! Will be switching pharmacy.

I have been with this HaGalil Pharmacy for almost 5 years and always have received excellent service. We moved from Florida to Tennessee. They transferred my account and now receive my medications via Fed Ex and have always received my orders on time. Great staff, very friendly and courteous, and always best prices on Modafinil.

Pharm TLV
Address: HaBarzel St 24A, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel | Phone: +972 52-651-2654 | Website:

This Pharm TLV is near to my home, and this is one of my go-to pharmacies to buy Provigil. My family and I want to thank the pharmacy and all staff working in the pharmacy from the bottom of our hearts. During this tough time, the service and support provided are heart filling. We see and feel god in all of you.

The staff at this location are exceptional. They are all kind, caring, dedicated professionals. Even when they are busy, they take the time to treat you compassionately (if quickly). They will explain new medications to you and always ask if you have questions. They are knowledgeable and experienced, and I order Modafinil online here.

Good Pharm
Address: Dizengoff St 178, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel | Phone: +972 3-754-8886 | Website:

It is the largest drug store I’ve ever been to! Has much more than regular pharmacy stuff. Huge selection of everything. Employees are very helpful and seem to be happy or great at pretending. I haven’t had prescriptions filled here, so not sure how well that part functions. I highly recommend this location to purchase Modafinil pills!

Went to the pharmacy to discuss some problems with some of my prescriptions for my diabetes. After 10 minutes, the counter rep was visually and verbally annoyed. After patiently waiting almost 40 minutes for the prescriptions they CAN fill, I go back to the counter (that is visible from where I’m sitting), and the lady says It was ready 20 minutes ago and smirks…..I just left before I snapped. This is my health lady, and it’s not a game. I will transfer my scrips to Good Pharm! I guess that’s where all the old staff migrated to anyways.

Address: Allenby St 115, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel | Phone: +972 77-888-1140 | Website:

Slow and rude. They’ve repeatedly taken several hours to fill prescriptions that should only take an hour tops! Both pharmacists at this Super-Pharm are rude and condescending. They’re quick to talk down to you and remind you they’ve had eight years of school and that they know more than you. Also, don’t bother them. They’re busy. The pharmacy techs are usually OK. I’m changing Pharmacies!

Best Modafinil price, service, and just flat out the best pharmacy EVER! I officially give them 6 out of 5 stars. Yes, you read that correctly. This pharmacy is so awesome that 5 stars simply won’t do it justice. CVS, Walgreens, and the like are pure corporate incompetent garbage in comparison. Worth the drive even in a bouncy old Jeep on a hot Florida day!

You can buy Modafinil tablets online quickly and discreetly in 100mg and 200mg doses